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4 Tips to Deodorize Your Car

1/16/2018 (Permalink)

If it’s been a long time since your car has received a good cleaning, then it might be long overdue. We’re on the go and often find ourselves with no time to think about maintaining our vehicle. Our cars take a heavy hit when it comes to collecting our garbage, receiving stains from food packages, and more. What’s worse is that the odor removal process can be even more difficult if not taken care of in the first place. Fortunately, we here at SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas have some cleaning tips for you that will help keep your car looking fresh and odor free!

Taking out the Trash

Before cleaning anything in your vehicle, the first step you should do is to remove all the trash that has been collecting over time. Whether it’s candy wrappers, fast food bags, Coke cans or more, get a trash bag and discard everything that doesn’t belong in the car. This will help with the next couple of steps, especially since there won’t be any debris in the way.


Once all the nasty items have been discarded from the vehicle, the next step is to vacuum all the nooks and crannies of the vehicle. Make sure that you get every space between the seats as well as under the seats. Removing crumbs from your vehicle will not only make it look cleaner, but it will also deter any insects who might be looking for an easy snack to pick up.

Deep Scrubbing

Now we can get to the meat of the job! If you want to help with the deodorization process, you’re going to have to deep clean all the seats. Find yourself a reliable cleaning solution from your local store and scrub the fabric to help with odor removal. The deodorization process will help keep your car smelling better and remove unwanted smells that have built up over time.

Air Fresheners and Vent Clips

Now that the vehicle has been cleaned, we can begin the upkeep of the car by installing vent clips and air fresheners into the vehicle. These will help keep your vehicle smelling fresh, and comes in various smells! While this option is not a direct solution to a bad smelling vehicle, it helps ease any lingering smells that may exist post cleaning.

Cleaning Your Home After Having Prolonged Guests

1/10/2018 (Permalink)

Cleaning Cleaning Your Home After Having Prolonged Guests Is your Waycross house a mess after family visits?

The joyful celebrations of the holidays are here, but soon the long march back to the day-to-day living will begin. There’s no question the holidays are a time of much-needed love and light, yet with it comes a few issues that can make the season a bit wearing.

The holiday issues we’re talking about come down to a short list. First is greeting cards. Do we have to keep sending out greeting cards these days or is it okay to send out a mass “Season’s Greetings” email and figure the job is done? Or is that tacky?

And while we’re on it, is it tacky to pass on Aunt Bertha’s fruitcake, when all you’re trying to do is avoid extra calories (and perhaps food poisoning)? Okay, and last on the list are those extended visits from friends and relatives we love but don’t want to have to live with.

The House Guest Cleanup Conundrum

Having house guests can be a lot of fun, especially if they don’t stay very long. Being a host involves numerous responsibilities, however, including cooking, cleaning, tidying up, and did we mention cleaning?

The aftermath of a long visit can mean your home is in need of some serious cleanup, given with plenty of TLC. Carpets may need a major cleanup after an extended visit, and the stove may need a total overhaul. What about the bathroom? The tile and grout in the bathroom may need a major cleaning before, and yes, after the guests leave, so you’ve got a big job on your hands.

If your guests brought their pets along (it happens) there may be pet stains on the carpet or on the tile to deal with too. The good news for those of you who have extra guests this holiday season is that SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas is ready to take on the task of getting your house back in shape pronto, as soon as you are ready to get your home back in order.

The dedicated SERVPRO staff is made up of highly trained technicians who are ready to clean your ceilings, floors, walls, carpets, upholstery, tile, and much more.

So, don’t sweat the cleaning necessary after playing host for a busy holiday season. Greet it with a big smile, knowing you’ve got the support of SERVPRO to get you through it.

New Years Cleaning Resolutions

1/10/2018 (Permalink)

Cleaning New Years Cleaning Resolutions Make cleaning your resolution for 2018 Waycross!

You have set your jaw and made New Year’s resolutions before only to cower in defeat halfway through the year. Why not make this upcoming year one in which you do everything you set your mind to do, which includes giving your home a thorough cleaning? SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas is your number one choice for all cleaning needs.

We provide carpet and upholstery cleaning

No matter how many times you tell guests to take off their shoes before entering your home, there is always at least one person who fails to do so during the holidays. Beyond the rebel during the family gathering is the everyday dirt that comes with residing in close quarters. Your carpet needs to be thoroughly cleaned at least once per year.

Upholstery is another area in the general living space that becomes dirty rather quickly. What better New Year’s resolution to fulfill than to give yourself the peace of mind in knowing that your family will not be exposed to dust mites every time they sit down to watch television?

Odor removal is available

Pick up the phone and solicit our services when you have cleaned all that you know how and yet the odor remains. We have the expertise needed to deodorize your home efficiently. You do not want to enter the new year with the same smells that hindered productivity these past twelve months. Let us improve your attitude by removing the odors that bring down the atmosphere of your home.

We provide air duct services

Heating during winter months is essential. Your home’s central air and heating system cannot work efficiently without proper maintenance. Our air duct services can clean one of the most intricate parts of your system so that it provides heat during winter and air in summer. Air duct service also provides better air quality, which may reduce the probability of illness during the year.

New year, new you

You can make this year different by starting off on a clean foot. Call SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas today to set up an appointment for a thorough cleaning of your home.

Cleaning Up After a Kitchen Fire

1/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Cleaning Up After a Kitchen Fire Kitchen fires can be scary situations. Don't tackle the cleanup alone Waycross!

With one small mishap, cooking in your kitchen can lead to disaster, and all fire safety measures can go out the window. A small bit of grease can escape a pan somewhere, and a fire can ignite into something devastating. Soot and ash now cover everything, and your kitchen has fire damage as well as material burns. Cleaning will no doubt become a hassle, but where to begin? SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas has some tips for you on how to clean after a kitchen fire, especially if there is some serious fire damage.

Put on Protective Gear

After the fire has been contained, soot residue will no doubt cover everything in the kitchen. This greasy film is made of carbon-based particles that can be harmful, especially for the lungs and the eyes. Make sure to wear protective gear, such as rubber gloves, goggles, and a face mask when cleaning the kitchen.

Open Windows

While cleaning, it's important to open windows and doors to help ventilate the kitchen. By creating strong currents, you can push out the bad air, and let fresh air come in while you are cleaning. Avoid running the AC after the kitchen fire, as the contaminated air can circulate throughout the house and cause more problems.

Have Patience When Cleaning

One of the biggest problems with soot is that it is difficult to remove from surfaces. Don’t expect the greasy film to be removed after one cleaning, as it will take multiple attempts to get affected areas back to normal. A good tip is to clean an area, let it dry, then come back and repeat the process until the surface is back to semi-normal.

Odor Removal

A burning smell will stink up the house after a kitchen fire, creating an unpleasant atmosphere in your home. Use air fresheners, candles, coffee containers and more to help mitigate the smell. The sooner the smell can dissipate, the easier your job will be cleaning the kitchen without having to dodge the smell by holding your breath.

Fire Safety is Important

We here at SERVPRO believe that fire safety is of utmost importance. A fire can break out at any time, causing serious damage to any environment. Do all you can to take preventive measures against fire hazards. If one does break out in your kitchen, follow these tips for an easier time managing the damage.

Retiring of Fred the Ford

12/22/2017 (Permalink)

Community Retiring of Fred the Ford The passing of the keys for our beloved Fred the Ford

Retiring of Fred the Ford

Fred the Ford Van has served our company for countless hours, days, weeks, and years. But the truth of the matter was that Fred the Ford has not been receiving the love he deserved after the purchase of a newer SERVPRO van. Here Fred sat just dreaming of the day he would have a purpose again -- and then it hit SERVPRO of Waycross; Fred could serve as an asset to a family. We contacted Wayne County Protective Services, also known as Fair Haven, and they said that Fred the Ford would serve as a blessing to the ministry. With a little TLC, Fred the Ford is now serving Fair Haven as a new addition to there fleet of vehicles to transport women to jobs and children to their doctor’s appointments. Fred the Ford has a purpose again, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

What is Fair Haven?

The mission of Wayne County Protective Services is to provide a quality 24-hour emergency shelter with comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence and their children as well as educating the community of the effects to end the cycle of abuse. Reducing the level of domestic violence will further by access to preventive education, awareness events, and public speaking to schools, civic groups, and partner agencies to foster communities towards the issues of domestic violence with knowledge, courage, and compassion. WCPA reduces the impact of domestic violence by promoting the rights of victimized women and their children.

Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

12/20/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Preventing Water Damage in Your Home We want to make sure you avoid any potential water damage this winter season!

Water damage in your household can be frustrating to repair. Water can get into some of the most unexpected places and cause damage to your floors, walls, and foundation. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare your household against water damage and the onset of mold. Here at SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas, we have compiled some tips for you to use to protect your home and keep costs of repairs down in the event of flooding or other types of water issues.

Regular Outdoor Hose Maintenance

Over time, water that stands in a hose has the potential to freeze and block passage. What this can do is create pressure and cause the hose to burst, damaging floors, foundation, and walls with water. One of the best things to do in this scenario is to regularly check your hoses throughout your home and maintenance them when needed. This will prevent any surprise buildups over time.

Never Let a Leak Go Unchecked

Procrastination can be a killer in some situations, especially when it comes to your home and its maintenance. If you ever find a leak at some point inside of your home, be sure to fix it in a timely manner. If you fail to do this, then you will find yourself with mold, dry rot, or worse inside of your home. Don’t let this one sit: fix it as soon as possible!

The Washing Machine

One of the biggest contributors to indoor water problems is the washing machine. If the machine is outdated and leaking, it’s in your best interest to replace it as soon as possible. While there are many mold remediation techniques, the more you wait and let water build up, the harder the remediation process will be. If you know something is wrong, don’t wait! You owe it to yourself and your home to fix right away!

You Have the Power to Protect Your Home

No matter how much we put into our homes to prevent damage from water, it’s bound to happen at some points. If you see a leak, have a feeling a pipe is blocked or something doesn’t seem right, it’s best to fix it right away. The sooner you do it, the more money you’ll save in the long run! If you do encounter water damage in your home, contact SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas to help get your home back in order fast.

Surge Protector Safety Over the Holidays

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

General Surge Protector Safety Over the Holidays Make sure you are careful with your surge protectors this winter!

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are about 250 fatalities every year during the holiday season that are attributed to electrical fires and hazards associated with Christmas trees and holiday lighting. What a tragic statistic! We don't want you or the ones you love to experience anything like that this holiday season, so please make sure you have surge protectors in your home and keep the following in mind to protect your family and property.

What Causes Electrical Surges?

Electrical surges occur more frequently than many people realize, but they are not always massive. Large surges can occur when lightning strikes or when electrical devices with powerful motors are suddenly turned on. They can also occur after a power outage when electricity is suddenly restored throughout your house.

These surges can cause fires, melt plastic, fuse metal and completely destroy delicate electrical equipment like computers, smartphones, and tablets. Small surges also take place when circuits are modestly overloaded with several electrical devices running simultaneously, as is often the case during the holidays when holiday lights are on and visitors are all charging their devices.

Purpose of a Surge Protector

Electricity can be a blessing and a curse for every homeowner. That amazing power that enables all your lights, appliances, and electronics to come to life can be unpredictable and dangerous when an electrical surge occurs.

Surge protectors are designed to detect surges in electricity and cut off the electrical current to prevent damage to your electrical devices such as televisions, computers, and kitchen appliances. Failure to have these safety devices installed can lead to burnt out electrical equipment and even fire damage. Don't take the risk – use surge protectors throughout your home.

Difference Between Surge Protectors and Power Strips

Many homeowners believe that they already have surge protectors in place and that their electronics and holiday lights are all safe and well. But that is often not the case. What many people have in their homes are power strips but not surge protectors. A power strip acts to increase the number of devices that can be powered by a single electrical wall outlet, but they cannot shut off the power flow when an electrical surge flares up.

Some power strips have surge protectors built into them, but many simply have an on/off switch but offer no real protection. To prevent fire damage and ensure your family's safety this holiday season, make sure that you have actual surge protectors installed and not just your basic power strips.

If your home has suffered fire damage and you are in need of professional cleaning services, please don't hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas. Our friendly and experienced professionals are happy to answer your questions and help with all your cleaning needs.

4 Tips to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home Come Spring

12/11/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning 4 Tips to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home Come Spring Don't find yourself with new unwelcome roommates when spring thaws the winter ice!

Every year after winter has come and gone, bugs come out of hibernation and are looking for places to feed and mate. They look for moist, dark places to call home, and your home is often the prime real estate. Whether it’s ants, cockroaches, or other creepy crawlies, there’s plenty that we can do to help keep them out of our homes! SERVPRO of WayCross / Hinesville / Douglas and I have put together some tips for you to help keep your home pest free.

Cleanliness is The Best Deterrent

Insects like to find dark, cluttered places to call home and multiply. Do your part and make sure that you are on top of your cleaning to make sure that the insects can’t take up residence in your home. Spring cleaning is a fantastic time to remove habitable conditions from your home from the insects, so make sure to stay on top of that!

Always Check the Screen Doors

Another item that often goes overlooked is the screen door/screens for windows. It’s important to check for cracks or openings before spring comes around to ensure that no bugs can make a break for your home. If you happen to find any holes in the screen doors, do your part and plan to repair them as soon as possible! The last thing you want is an unintentional bug infestation because one tiny hole was overlooked.

Food Management

One big offense that people oftentimes find themselves doing is leaving food out in the open. If you or your family have a bad habit of leaving food out on the counter overnight, or leaving food open in the pantry, don’t! This is a prime resource for bugs to get inside of your home. The moment that one insect finds some leftovers out in the open or the pantry, it’s game over. Soon they’ll be all over it! Make sure to discard or refrigerate any food that is being left out.

Removing Unnecessary Water

Finally, one of the least known components of a bug problem is water. If there is any kind of leak anywhere, or somewhere that has a dark and damp surface, bugs are attracted to it. Do your best to ensure that any leaks are fixed immediately and that standing water is not left out in the open for too long. Cleaning these areas immediately will persuade the insects to seek refuge elsewhere. This is prime breeding grounds for these bugs, don’t let them have a chance to get comfortable and settle!

Energy-Saving Tips for the Winter Chill

11/29/2017 (Permalink)

General Energy-Saving Tips for the Winter Chill Keep your bills down this winter with these energy saving tips!

The winter's chill is approaching fast, so now is the time to take precautions and lower electricity bills by creating an energy-efficient atmosphere. By making simple changes to everyday habits, your home will be toasty while frosty air remains outdoors.

  • Ensure the thermostat, HVAC, fireplaces, and heaters are working properly. Clean or replace air filters, remove dust and dirt from the unit, get fresh wood and coal for the fireplace, and/or ensure buttons/switches are functioning. Repair broken parts or replace non-functioning heating systems. Follow manufacturer's instructions for proper use. Continue to clean/replace air filters monthly. For heaters and HVAC's, let it run before the first official use to remove carbon monoxide odors.
  • Set the thermostat and heater at one temperature all season. A good temperature is 70 degrees. Alternatively, invest in a programmable unit.
  • Insulate the home with weather stripping, plastic sheeting, and caulk. Wrap this around all entry doors, screen doors, and windows in the home and garage. Insulate the attic, basements, and crawl spaces too. This prevents air leaks from seeping in and keeping the home drafty and cold, even when heaters, fireplaces, thermostats, and HVAC are firing at maximum speed.
  • Let the sunshine in on sunny days, particularly around the afternoon. The heat will warm the house to reduce dependence on heating items. Close the curtains after the sun goes down, however. An open window after sunset invites unwanted cold air in the home.
  • During nightfall, reduce heater, fireplace, HVAC, and thermostat dependence and rely on comforters, sheets, blankets, and pajamas to warm you up. Turn off fireplaces, heaters, and HVAC's in unused rooms. Close the fireplace damper to conserve energy.
  • Ceiling fans are a great way to stop heat from rising. Simply set the ceiling fan to turn clockwise on low speed. The warm air will circulate the rising heat down to the floor to reduce dependence on heating products. Continued use of ceiling fans means heat will travel to other occupied areas of the home.

A toasty home in the wintertime sounds wonderful. Turn this dream into reality through proactive measures like the information above. Let SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas assist in proactive measures to avoid safety hazards this winter.

Commonly Missed Cleaning Locations Around Your Home

11/21/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning Commonly Missed Cleaning Locations Around Your Home Don't forget these spots when you're cleaning this holiday season!

Any disaster leaves great destruction in its wake. This is why it is important to clean up once normalcy returns. Thorough cleaning of your home will help you get rid of any items that pose health and safety hazards. If you are to ensure that your space is clean, it is important to be aware of the commonly missed cleaning locations around the home.

Beneath the fridge

While most people focus on making sure that the inside of their fridge is clean, do you know how much dirt can accumulate beneath the appliance? Proper home maintenance requires that you move your fridge and clean this area to prevent a buildup of bacteria and dirt.

Under large pieces of furniture

Since it takes a lot of time and effort to move large and bulky pieces of furniture, there is a good chance you will not clean the area when wiping your floor. As a result, dust is known to accumulate in this area, a factor associated with being unclean. If you want to make your work easier, you should clean such areas regularly.

Light switches, door knobs and handles

These areas of your home are touched on a daily basis. Wiping them will prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Under the couch cushions

Some of your activities while at home will result in dirt and debris accumulating in unexpected areas. If you are fond of snacking on the couches, crumbs can buildup underneath the cushions, compromising the cleanliness of your home.

Interior doors

While this area is commonly missed when cleaning, your interior doors attract both dirt and dust over time. This is why experts recommend that you have them cleaned at least once every month. Make sure that the door frames are also wiped if you want to leave your home feeling fresh and welcoming.

Window blinds

Home maintenance is all about making sure that the overall cleanliness of your space is observed and maintained. Window blinds cover a large area, making it easy for dust to accumulate on them. Since this makes it hard to clean them, you should consider hiring the services of a cleaning company such as SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas.

Keeping your home clean does not end with the clean-up exercise. It is a daily routine that requires commitment from all family members. Enhancing the comfort you enjoy at home will also involve making repairs in case of defects.