What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

I would like to thank SERVPRO for the support at our annual hurricane expo in June 2019. The education of what you do and how widespread your company is was a eye opener. Ericka Walker was outstanding in her approach to educate the public. We would invite SERVPRO back every year to this event. SERVPRO has shown to be a partner in disaster cleanup and for emergency management that is a very important task on the road to recovery

This team is amazing. Professional, prompt, and the best at what they do. They helped me in a rough time. I can’t thank you guys enough.

Great service and they are very proficient in their job.

Called SERVPRO for water damage in our home. They arrived promptly and were very thorough in their work. No complaints.

When Hurricane Irma was done lifting her leg and marking her territory, and we finally were allowed to return to St.Simons so that we could decide how much overtime to give the insurance adjusters, I was not too thrilled when I found my hardwood floors the victim when Irma and my a/c unit went toe to toe and put a hole in the ceiling--through which gallons and gallons of water poured. Luckily, SERVPRO responded fast, and through persistence, attention to detail, and some great machines, saved my original 1930's hardwood floors from becoming a casualty of Mother Nature. Andy was especially helpful through the recovery, and was always available for advice!

My house was flooded during Irma and after the reconstruction was completed I called SERVPRO, I thought I needed to get my tile floors sanitized since I babysit my 9-month-old granddaughter who is now crawling. No telling what is on that floor, right. Andy was prompt with his initial inspection. He told me that the floors, thankfully, were in great shape actually. Andy was so helpful and made a couple of suggestions from his professional point of view that I'd not considered, and not only was he honest and forthcoming, but got me connected with someone who could help me follow up on his suggestions. What a refreshing, helpful attitude he has. I'd recommend SERVPRO to anyone who is looking for honest, reliable and professional assistance with their clean-up problems.

When I had the flood in my art studio, SERVPRO was very prompt in serving my needs for the cleanup. They were very professional and thorough. I highly recommend them.