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Springing into Fire Safety

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Springing into Fire Safety Fire Extinguisher is a life and property saving tool.

Did you know that 7 people die every day from a home fire.

36 People suffer injuries as a result of home fires every day.

$7 BILLION in property damage occurs every year.

Did you also know that portable fire extinguishers can be life and property saving tool!

Prompt use of the fire extinguisher can easily put small fires out. However, many people are unsure of how to use the tool effectively.  

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggest memorizing the word PASS to help the public remember how to operate a fire extinguisher:

Pull the pin. Hold the nozzle pointing away from you and release the locking mechanism.

Aim low. Point the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire.

Squeeze the lever slowly and evenly.

Sweep the nozzle from side-to-side of the fire.

Tips to remember is always beware of smoke. If the room begins to be filled with smoke making it hard to see and/or breath you should immediately find safety and let emergency crews fight the flames.

If fire and water damage take control over your life, SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas will help you take it back.

DEODORIZATION. Destroy the odors in your home.

2/7/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO DEODORIZATION. Destroy the odors in your home. Count on our highly trained staff to deodorize your home or business.

Even the smallest of fires can cause odors for years to come if your property is not cleaned by a restoration professional.

Fire, smoke, and soot damage in your home or business can create a very unpleasant and potentially permanent odor. As various materials burn, the smoke produced travels throughout your home and/or business, leaving odor deposits on surface and hard-to-reach places.

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas is prepared to combat these odors with technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas can provide specialized services that can rid your home or business of offensive odors left behind by fire or smoke damage. SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas will not cover up lingering odors with a fragrance; we seek to find the source of the odor and remove it.

If you or someone you know suffer from a fire damage. Contact SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas for your deodorization.

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Preventing Electrical Fires

1/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Preventing Electrical Fires Check your extension cords for damage to prevent electrical fires.

Flipping a switch on or off and plugging our smart phone in feels somewhat second nature to us. Electricity is a phenomenal tool, but also comes with some dangers if not handled properly. Fires caused by electrical problems are more common than you might think, according to the USFA there is approximately 45,000 home fires each year attributed to electrical issues. . Electrical fires tend to peak during the colder months and holidays with overloaded extension cords among other factors.

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville and Douglas has compiled a list of safety tips to prevent electrical fires in your home or business.

  1. Always have your electrical work done by a qualified electrician.
  2. Don’t overload your outlets by plugging in multiple heat-producing appliances in at a time.
  3. Never use extension cords for major appliances like dryers, washers, fridge, oven and stove. All major appliances need to be plugged directly into the wall to prevent electrical fires.
  4. Extension cords are used for temporary purposes. If you need a permanent fix for more outlets call a qualified electrician to complete the work.
  5. Be sure the wattage for your lightbulb is correct for the light fixture to eliminate a fire hazard.

If your home or business suffers from an electrical fire call SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas.
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Participating in National Law Enforcement Day

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Participating in National Law Enforcement Day Thank to all first responders. Image from our First Annual Emergency Prep Event.

National Law Enforcement Day was celebrated on January 9 of this year. SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas continue to show our appreciation to all of these brave men and women that put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. 

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas are continuously invested in First Responders all year round. You will find us partnering with local agencies for preparedness fairs as well as dropping off sweet and hydrating treats for first responders as well as care packages for recently displaced fire victims.

Want to help celebrate First Responders?

  1. Keep them hydrated: Take cases of bottle water or athletic drinks to all of your local stations.
  2. Goodies are always welcome: Pack “Go Bags” of snacks like fruit, protein bars, nuts, and water into a baggy. These are great for all of our busy first responders.
  3. Coffee! Need we say more? Whether it is the night shift or day shift caffeine is always a hit with first responders working long hours.
  4. Words of gratitude: If it’s a thank you card or handshake.

Thank a first responder today!

Why Have Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional

1/11/2019 (Permalink)

Whether it’s in a home or office SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas carpet cleaning specialists are HERE to HELP. SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas has gathered a list of reasons why you should have your carpets and rugs cleaned every 12-18 months by industry leading professional.

  1. Stains and Odors: Don’t sweat the small thing like SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas can make those horrendous stains like they never even happened.
  2. Prolong the life of the carpet: Did you know having your carpets routinely cleaned will help protect your floor covering investment as well as the wear and tear.
  3. Prevent buildup of dust and other allergens: Soiled carpets are a great place for bedbugs, fleas, and bacteria to make their home. By having your carpets steamed cleaned will eliminate buildup
  4. Enhances the overall appearance of the room. A clean and well-kept carpets speak volumes to visitors.

Maintain that fresh + clean look and feel by scheduling a carpet cleaning with the SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas.

Need a Carpet  Cleaning?
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Dryer Fire at Local Hotel

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Dryer Fire at Local Hotel Dryer fire at local hotel with minimal damage thanks to fast response of employees and fire department.

Dryer fire caused damage to local Jesup hotel late last week. The fire was under control thanks to alert employees at the hotel who detected smoke and called emergency officials. The fire department was able to extinguish the flames and all individuals were safely able to exit the hotel.

The SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas arrived at the scene early morning to find water damage and smoke damage effecting small amounts of the corridor and laundry room. Water extraction began immediately to avoid further damage. SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas continue to work diligently to restore this property. However, we are happy to report that the hotel remains open and running thanks to the fast response of the local fire department.

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas would like to remind everyone about dryer safety and the importance of getting your dryer vents cleaned. With the buildup of lint in your dryer vents can highly increase your chances of a fire. Schedule your commercial or residential dryer vent cleaning today with the SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas.

(912) 285-0724

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas assist with a large loss in Valdosta.

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas assist with a large loss in Valdosta. Historic church faces minimal damage after fire due to precautions and fast response of fire department.

The SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas were privileged enough to help restore a historic Downtown Valdosta Church. Only weeks before Christmas, a fire started on the upper floor of the church; luckily the fire was well maintained due to precautions of fire doors and walls the church had installed. The damage was minimal thanks to the fast response of the Valdosta Fire Department.

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas was one of four SERVPRO Franchises to assist with restoration and recovery efforts at the church. SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville & Douglas helped with supply and removal of soot within the church. A timeline of Christmas approaching all of the participating SERVPRO teams had a goal to have the church restored in pre-fire conditions before their Christmas services.

By having the SERVPRO resources we were able to meet this goal and come together as a team with one vision for this historic church to make this fire damage “Like it never even happened."

Christmas Coat Drive in Brunswick GA

12/18/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Christmas Coat Drive in Brunswick GA SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas knows the importance of giving back to our community.

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas hosted a coat drive for the second year in a row for Safe Harbor Children's Center in Brunswick, GA. We were blessed enough to gift 23 wish list items to the children and teen of Safe Harbor. 

What is Safe Harbor Children’s Center?

For over 25 years, Safe Harbor Children’s Center has helped more than 4,000 children seeking shelter and refuge. Safe Harbor’s mission is to provide shelter and therapeutic services to children any age under 18 who have been abused, abandoned or neglected; who are homeless or have run away from home; or who are otherwise at risk or feel threatened.

Ways you can help Safe Harbor Children’s Center?

Volunteers help carry out the mission at Safe Harbor through mentoring programs and fun activities for the youth to do. To find out more about volunteering or to start the enrollment process go to

Donations are one of the most-important means of support for Safe Harbor. Without valuable contributions of goods and funds from generous people and organizations, Safe Harbor would not be able to help hundreds of children escape violence, abuse and neglect each year. To find out more about donating to Safe Harbor, visit

Winter Home Care

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Winter Home Care If your home, building or unit is in need of carpet care, don't hesitate to give SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas a call.

With the holidays approaching and the upcoming new year, you might be looking around at some maintenance projects around your home or place of business that you were putting off longer than you wanted. You're not alone. A lot of us want to get projects done as soon as possible. A great way to start is by cleaning and deodorizing your carpets and rugs with SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas.

Residential Rug and Carpet Service

It seems like spring cleaning gets all the attention, but getting your floors cleaned in winter is also important. Ideally, you'd want to clean those floors before the holidays set in to get them ready for guests coming over to your home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Maybe you were able to do that in time for the holidays, but maybe you weren't. If not, that's okay!

A post-holiday cleanup is a great idea too because no matter how clean your carpets were before those Christmas and New Year's parties, they still need to be cleaned and deodorized.

SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas is here to get the job done right. We'll give your home the same amount of attention and TLC that we give to ours. We'll get those floors and rugs looking as good as new. All those spots from spilled drinks and plates of food won't stand a chance against us!

If you're in the real estate industry and are looking for professional cleaners who are bonded, insured and ready to get your properties move-in ready, we're the company to call. Our friendly, experienced staff will get things ready to your specifications in time for your upcoming photo shoots and open house showings.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Deodorization Service

SERVPRO of  Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas also serves commercial clients, including retail stores and office buildings. And if you have multiple locations and are in need of a high-volume service, we can still take care of all your cleaning needs.

You want a clean and sanitary environment for your workers and customers, and that's what we want too. Nobody takes carpet cleaning and deodorization more seriously than we do. Once you've worked with us, you won't want to work with any other company. Give SERVPRO of Waycross, Hinesville, and Douglas a call to set up a quote today.

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Commonly Missed Cleaning Spots Inside the Home

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Commonly Missed Cleaning Spots Inside the Home From blinds to interior doors. Learn the most overlooked cleaning areas in the home.

Any disaster leaves great destruction in its wake. This is why it is important to clean up once normalcy returns. Thorough cleaning of your home will help you get rid of any items that pose health and safety hazards. If you are to ensure that your space is clean, it is important to be aware of the commonly missed cleaning locations around the home.

Beneath the fridge

While most people focus on making sure that the inside of their fridge is clean, do you know how much dirt can accumulate beneath the appliance? Proper home maintenance requires that you move your fridge and clean this area to prevent a buildup of bacteria and dirt.

Under large pieces of furniture

Since it takes a lot of time and effort to move large and bulky pieces of furniture, there is a good chance you will not clean the area when wiping your floor. As a result, dust is known to accumulate in this area, a factor associated with being unclean. If you want to make your work easier, you should clean such areas regularly.

Light switches, door knobs and handles

These areas of your home are touched on a daily basis. Wiping them will prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.

Under the couch cushions

Some of your activities while at home will result in dirt and debris accumulating in unexpected areas. If you are fond of snacking on the couches, crumbs can buildup underneath the cushions, compromising the cleanliness of your home.

Interior doors

While this area is commonly missed when cleaning, your interior doors attract both dirt and dust over time. This is why experts recommend that you have them cleaned at least once every month. Make sure that the door frames are also wiped if you want to leave your home feeling fresh and welcoming.

Window blinds

Home maintenance is all about making sure that the overall cleanliness of your space is observed and maintained. Window blinds cover a large area, making it easy for dust to accumulate on them. Since this makes it hard to clean them, you should consider hiring the services of a cleaning company such as SERVPRO of Waycross / Hinesville / Douglas.

Keeping your home clean does not end with the clean-up exercise. It is a daily routine that requires commitment from all family members. Enhancing the comfort you enjoy at home will also involve making repairs in case of defects.

Need help with your upcoming cleaning projects?

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